• The mission of JYN’s “Over the Top” West Coast Camp program is to provide teens with a life-changing summer which stimulates personal growth, affirmation of identity,  lifelong friendships and a love for the land of Israel, through an incredible adventure down the southwest coast of the U.S. Participants experience nature in the most exhilarating forms through amazing activities such as zip-lining the canyons, hiking the narrows, climbing the sand dunes, and surfing the Pacific Ocean. Through experiencing the warmth of Shabbat and “living Jewish” for almost three weeks, teens are infused with Jewish pride and identity, forge bonding friendships and gain valuable insights about their Judaism and the land of Israel that last a life-time. Overall, this is the truly ultimate trip for teens that offers the very best in physical, social and cultural experiences.



  • July 8 - 26, 2019
  • Participants will be notified of suggested flights from and returning to Toronto. Should you be arriving from elsewhere or have specific travel needs please be in touch with our office.



  • Over the Top is geared for Jewish boys & girls, age 13-17.



  • Before January 15: $2,650
  • Before March 15: $2,950
  • Before May 15: $3,150
  • May 15: $3,350
  • Airfare not included. Trip begins from Denver Colorado (DEN) and Departs from Los Angeles (LAX), Prices are in CAD.


bring your friends 

  • Refer four friends and you go free! Advertising cost money, we figure if you will do it for us we will make it worth your while. (for full details on this offer please contact our office)



  • Itineraries and all hotel/lodging/contact information will be forwarded to parents via email one month prior to departure. 
  • Please note that confirmed itineraries are subject to last-minute changes as the trip progresses. We will do our best to notify parents in advance if changes are necessary. 
  • We will be posting pictures online throughout the trip on this website and at www.facebook.com/jewishyouth.



  • Emergency numbers will be emailed to parents prior to our departure.
  • These numbers will be available 24/6. 
  • All non-emergency inquiries should be directed through the main Office at 905-889-7582, which will be open throughout the summer, 9:00am to 4:00pm EDT. 
  • Additionally, feel to email us at any time Rabbi Shmuli Nachlas or Elie Landesberg.
  • For parents who want to contact their kids directly during the trip, please keep in mind we will be in the Pacific Time Zone and Mountain Time Zone, and our group will return to lodging in the early evening which is the best time to call. 



  • Over The Top will be lodging at a variety of hotels, Jewish centres and camping experiences.



  • Sleeping accommodations, meals, in-trip transportation and all program activities are covered by the core program fee.
  • The only spending that is up to your teen’s discretion may be snacks, souvenirs and gifts. We estimate that $50/week is more than sufficient to cover all such expenses.



  • We highly recommend that you bring only one main piece of luggage to check onto the plane (rolling suitcases work best), and one backpack for daily travel on the road.
  • When deciding what to bring on the trip, the most important things to keep in mind are the activities and the weather.
  • The weather in the American West during the summer is typically hot and generally dry. However, we will be camping in areas that have overnight lows in the 60’s.
  • Regarding activities, keep in mind that we will be doing some hiking and challenging activities.
  • A packing list will be email to you upon registration.
  • Mandatory to being at least 2 bottles of water.



  • All food on Over the Top is Kosher. Meals vary depending on location and activity. We have cookouts, get to dine at local restaurants and have plenty of snacks throughout the day.
  • Food is all inclusive (though campers occasionally have opportunities to purchase food).
  • We can accommodate allergies and special dietary needs upon request.
  • A sample menu from Over the Top would be: Breakfast: Bagels & Cream Cheese, Cereal, Milk & OJ. Snack: Fresh Fruit Lunch: Cold Cut Sandwhiches and Potato Bourekas Snack: Granola Bars and Slurpees Dinner: BBQ Cookout, Burgers, Chicken Breast & Salami. Desert: Rougalah


Cell Phones/Laptops/Mobile Devices

  • We encourage teens to take time away from their screens and embrace their surroundings. Cell phones and data devices are not be permitted on the trip. While this may be an adjustment from campers' usual routines, our cell phone policy fosters independence, problem solving and supports a positive social environment. Trip leaders will provide a 24 hour emergency contact number. Additionally campers will participate in daily updates to our trip journal which parents and family will have full access to. Campers are encouraged to bring along a camera for photographs, additionally staff photos will be made available to campers and parents.



  • The health and safety of our campers is our number one priority. Our head counselor is trained in Advanced Wilderness First Aid.
  • Prior to departure campers will be briefed on trip safety including water and sun safety.



  • Part of the philosophy on the trip is to help our campers feel a sense of social responsibility. Campers will participate in 10 hours of community service (which can be counted towards high school volunteer hours).
  • Community involvement includes activities such as: creating a community garden, painting a mural, having a beach cleanup and bonfire and more. 



    Please note that once a spot is booked in West Coast Summer, reservations are promptly made for attractions, sites etc. As such, JYN is unable to offer any refunds for deposits and camp fees already submitted. If a payment plan was selected, it is expected that the balance will be paid in full to cover the spot taken. The only exception to this policy would occur if the camper is able to find a suitable and equal replacement, providing he or she meets the approval of our staff.  With regards to flight reimbursement, this must be dealt with directly with the airlines.