Our 2015 trip maintained the hype and excitement of the previous year. The adventures, and memories were truly remarkable and certainly unforgettable. We like to keep a journal so the people back home are aware of our travels. Read what our campers had to say:


Hey folks! What's up? We are back with another entry to our road journal with Over the Top, the most far out summer road trip experience known to humanity! This is your head counselor Elie transmitting from beautiful Boulder Colorado directly into your phone/computer/gameboy. We started bright and early at YYZ and said goodbye to all the parents and then hopped on a flight to Edmonton, where Rabbi Shmuli helped the boys put on Tefilin. From Edmonton we hit the wild blue yonder once again and pushed on to Denver Colorado. Weary but still happy the boys slammed back some pizza pies and we hit the road for Boulder. We put all the guys straight to work unloading the van, and then I sat them down to layout the game plan for tomorrow. While a bit rambunctious, the guys finally settled down to get some rest before we head into the mountains. Stay tuned for more tales from the road.



Hey it's Andrew. Weiss that is. Alright I'm about to throw down the sickest recap you ever read. Are you ready? Alright so I'm covering two days since it was shabbat. So Friday we woke up at the crack of dawn and packed up camp in Moab and got in the car and set off for four corners. It was cool to go around the native American shops and get some souvenirs. We davened and ate bagels, someone ate my cereal but that's cool. I still have four more boxes. Then we drove for four hours to Flagstaff Arizona and checked into our hotel. We went swimming and then got ready for shabbat. We went to a beautiful shabbat service at the Rabbi's house and had a good shabbat dinner. This morning we had a sleep in and then we had another service. We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out, shooting pool and napping and then had an awesome guest speaker and Havdallah. Next we went to a laundromat and had to do our own laundry. The horror. We stopped to get some snacks and went back to the hotel for late night nachos. So rad. Got to go. Big daytomorrow. Peace out. Android.



What's good it's Brandon Berlad here. Right now I'm at the campsite at Zion National park. We just ate some dogs and we are just chilling by the campfire. We woke up early and had a chance to swim to wake ourselves up a bit. Then we took down the tents on the beach and headed to Bryce Canyon. So as we got to Bryce Canyon we made a couple stops and then we got there and we met our horses. We then started to go down the canyon on horseback. The canyon was huge and beautiful, there was a lot of giant cool shaped rocks called hoodoos. Although the horses smelled I had a blast and would do it again at any opportunity I had. After that we had lunch and got in the car and headed here to the campsite. Zion is really hot, big and beautiful. Peace out



Hi parents and everyone it's Jakob Silver reporting for duty. Here is the recap of today. So everyone woke up a bit early this morning and a few of us went swimming in a pool at our camp ‪#‎luxurycamping‬. Then we had breakfast and we packed hot dogs for lunch and we walked to the shuttle to head towards Zion Canyon. We rode for 40 minutes in a beautiful landscape and when we got to our destination we saw the Narrows and we were all very excited. We hiked the Narrows, wading in water for over 2 hours. It was one of the most fun events of this trip. Some parts had more water than other and some were harder to hike. It was very diverse terrain but not too hard. After that everyone headed back to our campsite and some of us went swimming and others helped to prepare the food. We had really good chicken wings that filled our tummies up and we called it an awesome day. See ya in a week YEEAH



Hi it's Jordan Sacks. Today we woke up late and ate breakfast and took down our campsite and packed up and went in the van and headed towards Las Vegas. We stopped for lunch and had chicken wraps in Fire Valley Nevada. It was crazy hot and so windy. We hung an Over the Top Tshirt up the flagpole to leave our mark. Then we arrived in Vegas at our hotel, Treasure Island. Technically I shouldn't go on because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I'll give you a bit of a low down. We had shwarma for dinner and lots of fries and drinks. After dinner we walked the strip and saw tons of cool places, like the Bellagio and Ceasar's Palace. I'm back at the hotel chilling now. Adios amigos!



Hi it's Jordi here live from Afton Canyon. Hard to even remember all the things we did today. First we woke up and went to swim in our hotel's pool in Vegas. Then we packed up and left the hotel. On our drive out we stopped at the Vegas sign to get a few pictures. Then we drove and stopped at mini Vegas. We pushed on to Baker California and had a rest at a weird UFO stop. Next we made a detour to explore Mojave. We saw a great lookout of the desert and found lots of weird things on the ground. Finally we made our final drive to our campsite in Afton Canyon. We setup camp, ate dinner and had a session with Rabbi Shmuli. Big day. LA tomorrow. BYE!



Hey what's up everyone! It's Jeremy Somogyi. Yesterday morning we woke up in Afton Canyon and drove to Los Angeles. We got to our rental house and I was happy and tired. We then went to a rehabilitation center to volunteer. We handed out Shabbat kits and sang Jewish songs with elderly people. We helped the men put on Tefilin, for some the first time in years. Then we headed on our way to Venice Beach where we passed by tons of cool and interesting stores. I bumped into my parents and my sister and some of the boys went for a swim in the ocean. We came back to our place and got ready for Shabbat we went to a service nearby and had Shabbat dinner at our house. Today we went back to shul in the morning. We had time to hang out there for a bit and there was a kid doing some sick magic tricks. It was awesome. After shul we went back home and had a rest hour where I read my book. Some of us went for a walk and played basketball. After Shabbat we had Havdallah and made nachos. We left the crib and hit the streets of Hollywood. We saw the famous theaters and the walk of fame. Finally we went to an ice cream shop and ate ice cream. It was really good. It's now late and I'm heading off to bed. Goodnight!


AUG 10

Hey guys it's Josh Tucker. Today we woke up and Adam had these jelly beans that were crazy flavours and we played a game where we would all try them. It was really fun. Then it was time for surfing. We went Malibu and there was a surfing competition right next to us. We started surfing in groups of four. Nachi and Elie gave surfing lessons for a couple of hours. We hung out on the beach and tossed around a football. Then we went back to the surf shack and had lunch at Fish Grill. I ate pasta with tomato sauce but most of the guys had fish tacos. Next we went to this really nice view of the coast called Point Dume. We went to the top and had a Baal Shem Tov moment which is when we spread out, and have silence and meditate in nature for a bit. Then we went down to the water and Rabbi Shmuli taught us about keeping Kosher. After that we went to 7-11 and Rabbi Shmuli bought everyone Slurpees. We went back to the house and played cards, showered and then it was time for bed. One more day left. See you soon