Our 2016 trip maintained the hype and excitement of the previous year. With some awesome improvements to our travels. The adventures, and memories were truly remarkable and certainly unforgettable. We like to keep a journal so the people back home are aware of our travels. Read what our campers had to say:


Hey it's Dylan Farberman. Day 1 of our adventure. We all got up super early and headed to the airport, and Ethan annoyed everyone. But we still love him. It was a good flight, we joked around and rapped on the plane. Jesse had his first experience with the art of flight. We got our bags and hopped in the vans and headed to get our first meal in Denver. We got pizza and everyone enjoyed it. We then drove to Boulder. The drive in we saw some really nice mountain views and joked around in the van. We arrived at Chabad Boulder and had dinner on Campus. After dinner we went to Pearl street and explored all that Boulder has to offer. We're now packing in for an early night so we can be fresh for our big hike tomorrow. Bye for now. - Dylan



Hi parents, it's Carly Milunsky updating you from Estes Park Colorado. Today was an awesome day! We woke up super early made a quick stop at Starbucks and made our way to the Rocky Mountains. We hopped on the shuttle bus and began our hike to Mills Lake. Although the hike was long the outstanding views made it worth while. When we reached our end point, a breathtaking crystal lake below snowy peaks, we all shared a Baal Shem Tov moment, which is a time to reflect on life and the beauty of nature. The hike was tough but we all made it through with smiles on our faces and we are all proud. Day 2 was incredible and we were already able to create memories that we will never forget. Bye for now Carly.



Hi it's Madison and Daniella and here's the update of how day 3 went. First we woke up bright and early at Jellystone park after a long night of staring up into the heavens. We did some yoga to loosen up after yesterday's long hike and we had cereal and refreshing orange juice for breakfast. After breakfast we packed the site up and hopped in the car to drive to the river for our rafting adventure. Madison: as we were driving we were all really nervous... Daniella: I wasn't nervous... After getting our briefing on rafting safety we headed for our rafts. As we started it seemed really easy but as the the river rolled on things got gnarly! We were nervous and on the verge of giving up but we persevered and didn't let our emotions take over. We conquered our fears and got through it with the support of our rag tag tribe. We learned that we can do more than we think and don't always let fear get the better of you. We are just winding down at the campsite in beautiful Colorado Springs. Night g2g xoxo Madison and Daniella



Hey what's up it's Harrison, nice to meet you. Here is the trip update for day 4. We woke up really early and had breakfast. I had a bagel and cream cheese, cereal (fruit loops) and orange juice. After breakfast we packed up our stuff and rushed to the van to head to Manitou Springs. It's an old town with lots of great gift shops and a wide variety of food to try. We went into the Native shops, an ice cream parlor and we went shopping for a backpack for Grant. We also went to the Penny Arcade. It's very loud and full of kids, and had classic games like Pac Man and pinball. Then it started pouring rain. We all rushed back to the van and headed to the Garden of the Gods. We saw Ethan do the truffle shuffle in the rain. Don't ask. The Garden of the Gods is very beautiful, some of the rocks look almost like animals. It was such an amazing sight. After that we came back to the site and went swimming and hung out. For dinner we had some amazing chicken cooked by Rabbi Shmuli. Finally we had a nice chill bonfire and called it a night. Have a good one. Harrison.


JULY 15/16

Shalom it's David and Natanel! We are going to tell you about day 5 and 6 of our trip. We woke up at 7 in at our campsite in Cascade. Aaron and Dylan went fishing and caught a fish in the morning and cooked it on the campfire. We folded up our tents and hit the road to Denver. Nachi had a delay but it is a long story. In Denver we stopped for lunch. We ate falafel in Denver. (Natanel: It was terrible in comparison to Israeli falafel.) After lunch we headed back to Boulder Colorado to settle into the Chabad. Next we went to go do laundry. For a lot of us it was the first time for us doing our own laundry. After laundry we went to shower and get ready for Shabbat. Before dinner we did Tefiliah. After prayer we had dinner with some local guests, Itimar and Justine. At dinner we made our own sushi, there was a competition to see who could make the best sushi roll. Avigail won and Nachi cried.  At the Shabbat table we all had to share our highlight of the week. After this we all played card games and told stories and taught Elie, Emily and Carly how to play an Israeli card game called TAKI. This morning we slept late until 11 and then we had a small breakfast and we did Tefiliah. After Itimar came back for lunch and we had cholent and kugel. Then we all went for a walk through the campus of Colorado University of Boulder. It was amazing. We went to the sports centre and played basketball, volleyball, badminton and did yoga. And Rabbi Shmuli stood on his head! We came back after to Chabad to have some free time and we played a lot of TAKI and basketball. We then read Torah, Jonathan, Chad and Michael had Aliyah's to the Torah. We then organized our suitcases for tomorrow. Then Ethan realizes that he couldn't find his duck aka Ghost face and he went crazy. Finally we had Havdallah and made mac and cheese for dinner. (Natanel: and David's brother won camper of the day!) - Laila Tov David and Natanel



Hi my name is Darel. Here is the update for Sunday. In the morning we entered the van to go on our first long road trip. Throughout the road trip we saw some amazing views and landscapes, we switched from green scenery to orange scenery which was a big chance. We stopped for lunch in parachute Colorado which has a very interesting history. It was the site of the Great Train Robbery by Butch Cassidy. Later that day we arrived at the Utah state line and took photos by the Utah sign. Then we headed back on the road and drove to Arches National Park. We went on a short ride until we got to our first destination. We got out of the van and explored the different arches. The arches made me feel like there is so much to the world that I have not seen before. We went from arch to arch. Some people got tired but some people just pushed through. It was hot. The people who pushed through had a chance to do a small climb and took some awesome shots. It was getting dark and it was time to head to our campsite. The surroundings were amazing at our site. It is by far the nicest site I have been to. For dinner we had grilled chicken and roasted corn which tasted amazing. In conclusion this day was one for the record books. See ya. Darel



Hello. My name is Jesse Nemers. Actually let's not do hello, let's do hey, hello sounds too formal. Here is the recap for Monday! This morning we got up pretty early and enjoyed the sunrise in Moab. Then we made our way to the ziplining basecamp, where we searched for Pokémon, while on our off-road adventure. We ziplined and crossed bridges on the plateau overlooking the town. It was extremely cool and exciting. We came back down the same way we got up. We almost tipped, which was pretty cool. Then we had lunch in Moab, packed up camp and hit the road for Cannonville Utah right near Bryce Canyon. We're just chilling and winding down by the fire, listening to music and enjoying some bbq. Goodnight mom and dad and all you other parents. We're having a great time. Jesse.



Hi my name is Ethan Ryan Goldberg. I'm a professional rapper, and before I start this I just wanna plug my mixtape, it's coming soon. Don't worry I'll give you the deets. Today we woke up in Cannonville Utah, I had the best sleep of the trip and got a sleep in. When I woke up I got outside, let the fresh breeze caress my body and I ate half of a bagel. After breakfast we got in the van and peaced out. We arrived at Bryce Canyon for our horseback riding session. Everyone got their horses and I got a jackass. It worked out well because I'm like Shrek. The session was fun and pretty scary because we passed over some insane vantage points. My horse aka donkey almost collapsed twice. Definitely not because of my weight. He flutzed a lot. Haha. It was very tiring and my buttocks were very sore. After that we headed towards our next campsite in beautiful Zion National Park. We had burgers for dinner. They were mad decent. We also hopped in the pool and annoyed everyone else in there.  Anyways I'm gonna go take a shower. Easy. Ethan xoxo



Hi I'm Chad Walt. So here's the recap for today. We woke up here in Zion and had some breakfast. Then we packed our stuff and headed into the Narrows. The Narrows is a waterway that runs inbetween giant canyon walls. We saw some very beautiful sights. We jumped off some boulders. It was an adrenaline rush. It has been my favourite day of the trip so far. I skipped some rocks. We came back to the campsite and all swam in the pool and went into the river. For dinner, my favourite so far, we had chicken wings and salad. I had a chocolate(sorry mom). After dinner we had free time and a bonfire, and off to bed early so we can head back on the road tomorrow. Peace Chad. Much love.



Hey what's up everyone it's Kobe here's the recap from Thursday. We woke up in Zion. We had a great sleep. We dropped our tents and then we hit the road. We stopped at a cool antique shop, that had some really interesting items that had a lot of character. Then we went through the blistering heat and checked out Horseshoe Bend. It was a stunning view. We then went to Lone Rock Beach on Lake Powell and had the most refreshing swim ever. It was the best. From there we set up camp on the beach and had had a bbq bonfire into the wee hours of the night. This Kobe signing off :)



Hey it's Michael Savage here. Here's the recap for this past Shabbat. Yesterday morning we woke up on the beach. The air was more clear and fresh than the desert because we were near water. I had a great sleep that night because I slept on the sand. But unfortunately it was cut short because we had to wake up early to head to the Grand Canyon. The drive wasn't so bad because I sat in the front. Once we got their we went on a hike around the Canyon. There were amazing views and it blew my mind. I was also very happy to see fresh canyon spring water filling stations. Next we went to the classic Grand Canyon general store. After that we packed in the vans and I was very excited to spend our first night in a hotel on the trip, as we headed to Flagstaff to prep for Shabbat. Immediately upon arrival at the Baymont hotel I took a power nap to reenergize for the Shabbat meal. We headed to the Chabad of Flagstaff, which was surprisingly a really nice shul with a really nice rabbi. Following the aravit service we headed to Rabbi Dovi's house where we were kindly welcomed for a warm Shabbat meal. Today we woke up late and headed for morning service. Following that service we had Shabbat lunch in the shul, and we kicked back for the rest of shul. Right now my laundry just finished and we are going to have a late dinner. Heading back to the hotel soon for a nice sleep and I'm sure you'll be having one too. By for now. Michael.



Hi my name is Jonathan. Yesterday morning we woke up and ate breakfast in Flagstaff. Then we got ready to head towards Vegas. The car ride was actually very fun because we talked about interesting stuff. We stopped at the Hoover Dam. The Hoover Dam was crazy. There was a huge bridge over top. It was amazing. It was so hot outside. Over 40 Celsius! Then we had a quick lunch and headed towards Las Vegas. After we arrived we checked into Harrah's our hotel and went to Jerusalem Grill where we had reservations for dinner. I had chicken schnitzel and Israeli salad. It was amazing. I loved it. After that we came back to the hotel and we all hit the strip. To me the strip was amazing because the city was so alive, the hotels were amazing, full of interesting stores and shows. The lighting was so cool. After a long night we came back to sleep at the hotel. See you later. Jonathan



Hi everyone it's Emily here. Day 15 has officially come to an end. This morning wake up was at 10 and we were all downstairs by 11 for check out from our hotel. Rabbi Shmuli was kind enough to give us an extra hour of free time in Vegas after breakfast. Vegas was the best thing so far. After Vegas we went to visit sand dunes in the middle of the Mojave desert. The view was amazing and Elie fell in love. After that we all drove to our campsite at a ghost town in Calico California to bbq and pack it in for a night. Peace out everyone. Emily out.