Our 2018 trip maintained the hype and excitement of the previous year. With some awesome improvements to our travels. The adventures, and memories were truly remarkable and certainly unforgettable. We like to keep a journal so the people back home are aware of our travels. Read what our campers had to say:

So yesterday, on the first of July around 11am, everybody arrived to Denver’s airport. We were all quite tired but definitely very exited to be here and meet new people. We waited two more hours for everybody to be ready, and the trip started ! After 45 minutes of ride, we arrived to a pizzeria, ate some awesome kosher pizza and went for another 45 minutes ride to the beit-chabad in beautiful boulder. Girls then got a floor and the boys got the other, and everybody set up their sleeping bags. Afterwards, we ate hot-dogs, french fries and while we were so tired we have an amazing night out on pearl street. We saw great shops and street performers. Then off to sleep sleep.  7:00 am, today we got up. I mean... we were supposed to get up ... Everybody eventually woke up, cleaned up, prepared our day packs, ate breakfast and off to the rocky mountains. The hike was scenic, surreal and the falls were majestic.  So many trails and the views were amazing.   We then all walked back to the car, now at our first camp site and ready for bbq and bonfire. It was a very (long) fun incredible I can’t wait to see the 17 more to go!
— Nathan Aisenberg - camper
Hey, Sadie here! So many fun and interesting things happened today.  Waking up in the mountains was incredible. We started our day off by having breakfast and heading into a cute little town where we walked around and checked out the shops.   Soon after, we drove to some surreal look outs 12,000 feet in the air! We took a lot of cool pictures and enjoyed the views.   We traveled down the mountain to a nearby visitors centre with a really cool gift shop. We hung out, ate lunch and headed back to our site to avoid some light rain!    We made a big dinner and enjoyed the food because we were so hungry from all the excitement.   After dinner Rabbi Shmuli took us to a lake where we walked, laughed and enjoyed each other’s company.   Personally, the most exciting part of the day was going to the Stanley Hotel. The Stanley hotel is where they filmed the movie the shining! We walked around the hotel and saw a lot of artifacts and even took a run through the maze like they did in the movie.Now we’ve come back to our site where we have gathered around the fire to roast marshmallows and talk about our day. Can’t wait to get some sleep to prepare for tomorrow’s activities! Miss you Mom & Dad!
— Sadie
Hey mom and dad, it’s Eva! I miss you guys but I’ve been having a great time here in Colorado. This morning we got up pretty early, made paninis for breakfast and packed up for the day. We went to an amazing waterfall called Seven Falls where we hiked up the side of a mountain    And took in the breathtaking views. It’s been nice because the group has become such close friends. We’re always laughing, especially in the long car rides.  We drove to a park called The Garden of the Gods and I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. It looked like mars! I think it made us all really excited to see Utah next.  It was Talias birthday today and we celebrating by getting Slurpies from 711 (most American thing ever)  We sang to her and drove to our camp site to eat bbq chicken wraps! We are all tired and can’t wait to get some rest. Goodnight love you guys!
— Eva
Hey! Its Ben C. First off, we woke up this morning and ate breakfast which was cereal. We got ready for white water rafting and drove to Idaho Springs toward the Colorado river. When we got there, we had lunch which was pizza and it was delicious! Then we put our gear on for white water rafting. Putting on the wetsuits was really difficult but funny. We split up into 4 groups and took a bus up to the currents. Then the guides took the rafts off and we all got into the boats. When we were in our boats the guides taught us all the different ways to paddle.Then we went into the rapids and the fun began! At first it was a struggle to paddle but then we got the hang of it. All the rapids had different names and my favourite was Beaver 2 where you had to tilt on different sides of the raft so it wouldn’t tip over. Then we finally made it to the end of the river and got off the boats and took the bus back to the main building. It was so much fun!! We’re back at our campsite made some food and are getting ready to sleep and head back to Chabad of Boulder tomorrow for Shabbat. Miss you Mom, Dad & Maya! Goodnight
— Ben C
Dear Mommy, Tatty and Shalomiezoo,Our week has come to an exciting end. In the wake of white water rafting we are making preparations for the holy sabbath. We began our day by cleaning our laundry from the sweat of the past week and continued for a scrumptious lunch at the kosher deli in Denver. I was really looking forward to going to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre as I have heard it’s one of the most incredible music venues in the world. Although we were not able to enter because a band was playing that night, we went to a magnificent overlook as consolation. We returned to Chabad of Boulder and proceeded to make challa with the Rebbetzin. Although mine tasted like a doughnut, we got a real Shabbat cooking experience. We then got ready for shabbat and prepared ourselves mentally for shutting off any technology or muktza (prohibited items on Shabbat.) Shabbat began when the candles lit, and we went along to the Chabad rabbi’s house. We had a meaningful Kabbalat Shabbat, and a delicious home cooked meal. This was a great time for us to bond as everyone felt more comfortable with each other at the shabbat table. We finished with a peanut butter chocolate desert and walked back to the Chabad of Boulder to get our Shabbat rest. I brushed my teeth, I promise Mom.I went to bed hoping for a long goodnight sleep. Saturday morning I woke up at 12:40pm. After a nice bowl of Kellogg’s frosted flakes, it was time for lunch! Rabbi Shmuli explained that he was a Japanese pilot in his past life and taught us how to make our own sushi. After some more food it was time for the the University of Colorado Boulder tour. We went to multiple places and learned that mostly every single building is made of the same brick, Boulder brick. We then proceeded to drink beers at AEPi. (JUST KIDDING) Following the tour of the lavish recreation centre I deciphered that tuition was $18,000 a semester, we think. Better pray I get a scholarship Mom. We walked back home and chilled out for the day. We played chess, bumper pool and put makeup on a dude. Progressive! We then had a very interesting game of stump the rabbi, where we asked the rabbi difficult questions about Judaism. Following an interesting discussion the holy sabbath came to an end. We did a musical Havdalah preformed by yours truly and went off the sleep. Can’t wait for the 6 hour drive to Utah tomorrow.
— Love your Sweetums, Dov
Hi Mom and Dad from Moab, Utah It’s Jonathan! We started our day by waking up at 530am to get into the van to leave for Utah. The drive was 6 hours long but on the way we saw amazing landscapes, fantastic attractions and we stopped to get a few snacks. We got to Utah and parked in front of the State sign and took a group picture. On the sign, it had a famous arch that was photographed from Arches National Park which we went to before we reached our camp site. The drive into the park was hot but beautiful, it looked like mars. The rocks were gigantic and orange. We climbed on them and took amazing pictures. We hiked three different arches that looked like giant windows and after drinking a lot of water, we got back into the van to take a detour for 7/11 Slushies before heading to our campsite. I am finishing my dinner wrap with pickles, avocado, spinach, corn and chicken. Delicious. Time to go to bed on a full stomach to wake up for tomorrow’s Zip-lining.
— Goodnight from Jonathan.
Yo yo yo Gabe here, Sitting in Bryce Canyon after a mega jam packed day. This morning we woke up and headed to a lit zip line place called Ravens Rim Ziplining. The guides were so cool. We got into UTVs which have roll cages and 4-6 seats and wheels that crawl over anything. We climbed the side of a rock mountain on these machines. It was totally awesome! When we got to the top we started with a shorter zip line to get us into it. Then the medium length one and then the king of all zip lines. It was 1,500 feet long and 3,600 metres off the ground. It was dope. On our way down we kept our eyes open for Snicks and other desert creatures. We had lunch in the park and drove to Bryce Canyon which is breath taking at night. The stars shine so bright and we even saw a bunch of shooting stars. Hope I can become a counselor for next year! See you guys in a week or so, love you
— Just Gabe
Hi Mom & Dad it’s Sara P. Here! Today was an adventurous day. We started off waking up to the beautiful view of Bryce Canyon and a cute little dog to accompany us as we ate breakfast. We then packed up and headed down the road to an ATV rental place, geared up and were ready to go. We wore huge helmets and goggles which made us look like space cadets. Cole drove Sadie, Nechama, Gabe, Dov and I and he made sure we all had a great time swerving and hitting all the bumps. It was crazy but we were giggling the whole time!  At one point he went full speed into a small pond of water and we all got soaked. It was a nice refresher considering it is 35 degrees in Utah. Then we had cold pizza for lunch which was decent. I then bought an Arizona Watermelon Iced Tea and started a trend in the group. Currently, 5 out of 13 are drinking one. We drove up the canyon to many phenomenal look out points and took many great pictures. Bryce Canyon was breathtaking. There were huge orange stones protruding from the ground surrounded by green trees. The contrast was surreal. We drove to Zion Canyon where we are staying tonight. When we got here we took a refreshing swim in the pool they have at the camp site. (Boys and girls separate of course) We then ate hot dogs as well as hot durgers. Hot Durgers are hot dogs shaped as burgers. Yum. Rabbi Shmuli and a few of us had an interesting discussion over dinner about the Torah and Judaism in general. I learnt a lot. We all took refreshing showers which felt amazing after a long sweaty day. We are heading to bed shortly to get ready for an exciting hike tomorrow! Love you guys, see you soon.
— Just Sara P.   :)
Hi Parents,It’s your favourite daughter Nechama here! I’ve been having such a great time so far and cannot wait for what’s ahead. Today has been the most adventurous, amazing yet tiring day yet. We had a nice sleep-in, ate a nice breakfast and headed to the Narrows in Zion Canyon. We watched this movie about the history of the Canyon then got on the shuttle to where the hike began. After a hike into the woods, we got to the water. We came across a HUGE boulder that everyone climbed and jumped off. It was such a thrill! The water was freezing but at least it woke us all up and kept us moving! Through this journey in the narrows we came across a ton of screwells (squirrels in Nathan’s French accent) and there was one second where I thought I saw a snik! It wasn’t a snik... I was sad. After hiking in the water for hours we felt like our feet were going to fall off. On the way back in the Narrows, we encountered a rock on rock collision! Super intense!! Overall, I’ve been having an amazing time and this trip has taught me many life lessons. Firstly, how to pitch a tent. Secondly, water is gold! And lastly, teamwork will accomplish anything! I love you mom, dad, Moussie, Yossef and Chana. See you in a week!
— Just Nechama S.
Hey boys, It’s Ben here. Yesterday we were in the car for some time driving to the Grand Canyon. We saw this park ranger named John, we think. Nice guy. The Grand Canyon was beautiful. We put on Tefillin / prayed there and drove to flagstaff. On our way to flagstaff we stopped to have lunch and all drank Arizona’s in Arizona. We finally got to the baymont hotel. It was nice to finally sleep in a bed after sleeping on the ground for two weeks. But I had to sleep with Ben so it was pretty annoying. Shabbat dinner was very funny because we all had to say our highlight of the week. It was really nice because the rabbi of flagstaff hosted us in his home. This morning we walked to the Chabad of Flagstaff for morning services. I got called up for an Aliyah and so did Nathan, Dov and Jonathan. We ate lunch which was good. And then we played ping pong and Nathan beat Rabbi Shmuli and is becoming councellor for the day. We’re doing laundry at a really cool laundromat with native antiques hanging on the walls. Looking forward to Vegas tomorrow and another hotel! Goodnight,
— Just Ben R.
Hi again, Sara P. here reporting live from the van! Weve decided not to report because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Just kidding!! ..Today was an exciting day. We woke up in the beautiful hotel in Flagstaff and packed up our things and headed to Vegas. Our morning prayers took place at the new Chabad of flagstaff construction site. It was very special because it was the first service ever to be held on the premises. It was amazing to have been a part of something so meaningful. Along the way, we took many stops including Safeway where we had to run back to the van in a torrential down pour. Then we stopped and made paninis with cheese, spinach, tomatoes, basil and guacamole all on multigrain bread. It was delicious. We took many nap naps. We arrived at the Excalibur hotel, it was castle themed and very luxurious. We were so excited to be in Vegas that as we were waiting to be checked in we started a party in the van rocking it back and forth and up and down. It was crazy. We were blasting music and having a ball. We all got settled into our rooms, had a getting ready party and went to Jerusalem grill for chicken shawarmas. It was nice to sit in a restaurant and dine rather than eating out of the back of a truck. Then the night began. We walked along the strip and saw many interesting sights. We saw massive hotels, huge sculptures made out of flowers, Casinos, the Bellagio water show and we even saw a snik! We also stopped by Italy, or what felt like it. When we walked into the Venetian hotel we saw gondolas floating on water, Italian restaurants and the amazing ceiling which was painted to look like the sky. We stopped by a really cool candy store as well as some really cool gift shops. It was getting late so we ubered back to the hotel and took very refreshing showers since it was 107 degrees. Looking forward to more adventures. Not wanting this trip to end. See you at the airport,
— Sara P.
Hi guys Saidy, Sara, gabe, Nechama, And Dov here,Today started out with a crazy snik surprise at our door. After the excitement we hopped in the van and headed to Runyon canyon. We saw many doggoes and took many great pictures with the LA skyline and the Hollywood sign. The stairs were so steep we thought we were going to tumble down like bowling balls.We then drove to Malibu, where are ate scrumptious meal of fish tacos and fries. The group gathered in Chabad and recited a spiritual Shema (prayer). After driving down the sunny Malibu roads we arrived at the venice beach bike shop. We rented 17 bikes ( 1 electric and 16 regular). After riding past the marvels of the Santa Monica Pier, we continued down the Venice Beach strip. One the way back we stopped at the skatepark and watched some rad kids that we wished we were as talented as. There was this one 8 year old that was a better skateboarder than Tony Hawk. Wowsers!!!! We stopped at the Pier and Sara, Nechama, Sadie and Nathan bought the same dope , red, lifeguard sweater.  Fear not bad swimmers!  After along car ride home ( #LAtrafficruinslives) we got home and settled in for the night. Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow. Goodnight -:)
— Just Dov, Nechama, Gabe, Sara, Saidie.
Hey, it’s Sophie, coming at you from LA. We started the day with an early wake up in order to get our luggage organized and ready to leave. After breakfast, we headed to the amazing grove to start our California shopping sprees. There were really cool stores that we don’t have in Canada, or at least not in Montreal. Some of those stores included Dylan’s candy bar, Anthropology and much more. On top of all of that, we can now all say that we were in the same mall, at the same time, as the ever so talented Jen Atkin (the Kardashian’s hairdresser), how cool is that!Once we were all done shopping, we walked down a couple blocks, to an amazing kosher pizza place, where we all said our favourite memories about the trip and Jewish resolutions that we plan to keep. I’m so sad that I won’t get to spend more time with all of the amazing people I got to spend this trip with! 
À bientôt, Signing off, 
— Just Sophie.