Reasonable Prices

We do our best to price this trip as low as possible, while providing the highest valued experience. Our trip is priced at less than half of comparable program's rates. As a non-profit organization our goal is to provide an enriching Jewish experience for all Jewish teens.


  • Before March 15: $2,950

  • Before May 15: $3,150

  • May 15: $3,350

  • Airfare not included. Trip begins from Denver Colorado (DEN) and Departs from Los Angeles (LAX), Prices are in CAD.


Depart July 8, 2019 - Return July 26, 2019

On Chad reflecting on his experience it was clear that he really gained a lot from the trip in every respect. He felt he grew personally and spiritually, made some meaningful friendships, and appreciated the incredible surroundings and excursions. He also had a lot of fun... Many thanks for providing Chad with the experience of a lifetime we were hoping he would have.
— Len and Jacqui, 2016

Thank you for providing Blaze with an out of this world experience. I don’t even know where to start my tirade of gratitude.

This experience not only provided Blaze with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime but it was the beginning of his own personal spiritual growth. This trip provided him with a connection to not only Judaism as a whole but what it means to be a Jew…a genuine spiritual connection that went from learning daily practices to willingly wanting to do mitzvoth.
I waited in anticipation every night for the daily blog and accompanying pictures…I lived vicariously through these boys as this was an itinerary that professional trip advisers and travel agents would plan for clients.
Thank you for your wisdom, kindness and teaching…this will be a “MUST-DO” trip for my two younger sons.
— The Pavars Family, 2015

Truly breathtaking and such a unique experience.
— Benji Maged, 2014 Participant