Below are just a few of many testimonials we have received over the years from parents and teen participants.

Thank you so much for an amazing trip! We had so much fun going on hikes, visiting canyons, Swimming, and just spending time together. You have taught us so much about being Jewish and camping, Thanks!
We hope to see you again in the near future and maybe even on another trip! Thanks for all the fun this summer!

— Avigail, David, and Netanel

Thank you so much for helping to make the Over the top trip so amazing!
Sadie has been telling so many stories about all the things you did together - non stop talking & laughing!
We hope that you also enjoyed the trip! Have a wonderful rest of the summer :-) 
— Hayley

No words can describe the gratitude I have towards you for showing me my Jewish roots. All these things; such as what really happens during a Shabbat, what to do during a service, and what it means to be Kosher, are all things I would not have learned without you and the Over-The-Top camp. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of this trip.
Best regards and thank you again,
— Emily

Thank you for yet another amazing trip, it was life changing.
I hope to be a part of many more in the future.
— Jordi

Just a quick note to thank you once again for the outstanding trip.

On Chad reflecting on his experience it was clear that he really gained a lot from the trip in every respect. He felt he grew personally and spiritually, made some meaningful friendships, and appreciated the incredible surroundings and excursions. He also had a lot of fun. He also said what great leaders you and your councillors were, especially Nachi.

Many thanks for providing Chad with the experience of a lifetime we were hoping he would have.
— Len and Jacqui

To the ENTIRE OTT team,

Thank you for providing Blaze with an out of this world experience.
I don’t even know where to start my tirade of gratitude.
This experience not only provided Blaze with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime but it was the beginning of his own personal spiritual growth. This trip provided him with a connection to not only Judaism as a whole but what it means to be a Jew…a genuine spiritual connection that went from learning daily practices to willingly wanting to do mitzvoth.
I waited in anticipation every night for the daily blog and accompanying pictures…I lived vicariously through these boys as this was an itinerary that professional trip advisers and travel agents would plan for clients.
Thank you for your wisdom, kindness and teaching…this will be a “MUST-DO” trip for my two younger sons.
Warmest regards
— The Pavars Family

I would really want to thank you for the awesome gift, that you helped me receive a scholarship so I can be part of the trip. I have never seen any of the places on the trip and it was so magnificent and exciting.
No words could describe your kindness. You helped my family out so much and it truly had an amazing time.
I made new friends during the trip that may last a life-time!
I now feel that I have a greater connection with g-d, I learned many jewish lessons, and saw extra-ordinary sites.
I had many laughs and unforgettable experiences. So thank you so much for everything. :)
— Dennis

To the sponsors of the JYN Scholarship Fund,
I would like to express my gratitude for your generous support of this amazing JYN program.
Without your generous contribution, my son along with other boys from underprivileged families, would have never been able to enjoy this “Over The Top” trip that was so inspiring in so many ways.  For me personally, the most important aspect was the exposure to Jewish tradition in a fun way.
You see, though we are a religious family, my oldest son decided after his bar mitzvah that he no longer wish to remain religious.  It was very hard for us to accept his decision, and it brought a great deal of strain to my relationship with my husband, as I was willing to give my son time to mature and find his way back but my husband kept saying that he is a bad role model to his other 6 younger siblings.
My son learned about JYN through his school, and I encouraged him to go on trips with them— no obligations, just to have fun and be around other Jewish teens his age.  He agreed to go to the Washington trip, and now to the “Over The Top” Summer Program, and he had a great experience.
Since he came back from the trip, he has been putting on his tefillin every day and I can’t even begin to explain how happy it makes me feel. 

I would like to thank Rabbi Shmuli, Rabbi Levi and Eli for their tremendous support and patience with my teen who I am sure didn’t give them an easy time. But it was worth it, because now they have the zechut (merit) for being able to re-ignite my son’s neshama (soul).
Thanks again,  we couldn’t have done it without you.
— Chazak Ubaruch

To the Jewish Youth Network;
I just wanted to take this opportunity say thank you for making my sons summer the Best ever.!!
He went on the trip not really knowing anyone , and he is not the most sporty type, however he made such nice good friends.He enjoyed himself so much!!! he has never experienced such joy and camaraderie.. being in the fresh air every day, thanking Hashem for the wonderful days and for the great trip. He learned many new things , like setting up a tent , to being able to put his own tefillin on, to white water rafting, to walking the strip in Vegas and of course enjoying some tasty kosher food all along the way. He had many major accomplishments this trip. The leadership was incredible , and very insightful.
The mentoring of these young and impressionable youth was fantastic. The mix of rugged outdoors with some city visits made for such an equal balance on the trip. It really was Over The Top!!!
I feel my son has come back to me so mature and more disciplined. I just want to thank the JYN for allowing my son to experience and grow with such a Jewish flavour mixed in with the beautiful fresh outdoors. The trip has provided a niche that was once empty, melding the outdoors with judaism and then onto the Big City.
To the Rabbis, I personally want to thank you for supporting and guiding each and every one of our sons in such a haymeshe manner. Thank you once again, for allowing our sons to participate in such an awesome adventure, it was the trip of a lifetime . I know that so many happy and fun memories were made , and shared with new friends. we are so appreciative to have been given this amazing opportunity.
— Mrs. S
Thank you so much for taking great care of Sara, and helping to make her Over The Top trip an incredible memory. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Sincerely,
— Stacy